Welcome!  I’m looking forward to our lessons. 

1. Lessons are $140 a month, ($35 a 1\2 hour lesson).  When there is an extra week in the month, that lesson is free.  We use that for a make-up lesson or one that your child receives as a bonus.  Payment for lessons is due by the 30th of the month for the following month and is non-refundable.  Please do not change the amount of your check unless we have spoken in advance.  I too am on a household budget and dependent upon your regular payment amount.  Any checks received after the 6th of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee.  If you are having a financial issue, please contact me and we can work it out.  There will be a $25.00 fee for a returned check. 

2. If you or your child cannot make their assigned lesson time due to illness or scheduling problems, please notify me as soon as possible so we can schedule a makeup lesson. In turn, I will notify you immediately if I need to reschedule. Forgotten lessons will not be made up and must be paid for.

3. Please be on time for your lesson.  The time slot you ask for is exclusively reserved for you and due to my tight schedule, lessons cannot be extended when you arrive late. 

4. The following holidays are observed:  New Years Day (Jan 1st), Independence Day (Jul 4th), Thanksgiving Day and Christmas (Dec 25th).

5. Students must give thirty (30) days notice for termination of lessons.

6. Parents are welcome to attend any (or all) lessons. 

7. If you are interested in your child participating in this years' Certificate of Merit, please contact me ASAP – registration begins in the fall.

8. Winter Recital is the 1st Sunday in December and Spring Recital is the 2nd Sunday in June. The 'Young Composers Concert' is held in September.

9. I am always available for your questions and comments.